Italian Academy of Conducting

manifesto_direzione_dorchestraThe Italian Academy of Conducting, born in 2011, is certainly a new reality in the Italian panorama of teaching Conducting and has its roots in the fertile ground of the great Italian tradition in Conducting. The intent of the Academy is to give back a new force, new impetus and new gloss to this tradition.

Thus, the Academy seeks to be the leading protagonist of its time, its mission being to promote a virtuous dialogue between the certainty of tradition and the attractiveness of new ways, the necessary tension that belongs to the artistic experience.

The Academy is a singular, idealistic, high-level, artistic project created by the Scuola Grande di San Filippo based in Faenza, a splendid city of Art in the heart of Romagna, whose fame shines since the Renaissance period for the production of ceramics of exquisite workmanship.

The first important innovation is given by the presence of the orchestra. 'La Grande Orchestra', direct expression of the Scuola Grande, in three different formations, from the string orchestra to the chamber and symphonic orchestra, is available for students for all scheduled meetings.

The particularity of this project is its twofold educational value. Not only will the figure of the conductor be treated, but also that of the orchestral performer with some "ad hoc" training sessions for the orchestra. This model will tend to form an effective link between the orchestra and the conductor, an innovative and productive mechanism for mutual growth.

This activity may finalize in concerts throughout the year, creating an effective synergy with the surrounding territory, otherwise impossible at organisational and economical levels.

All the rehearsals are videotaped and all the material is filed in the database of the Academy. It can be used by teachers and pupils for further study and deepening.

There will be favourable conditions for board and lodging during the stay of the students in the haedquarters of the course.